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Hello, my name is Elmar Akhmetov, nice to meet you!

I’m a landscape photographer currently residing in Kazakhstan and doing my best to see the rest of the world.

[learn_more caption=”One long and boring Story on how I have taken up the photography”]

Apparently it all started when I was four, my mother used to pick me up from the kindergarden in the evening and then we usually travelled back home by bus or tram.

One evening I was so excited that I was talking non-stop and I couldn’t help myself. I was pointing fingers and yelling something like: “Look Mom, there’s a yellow car and a green one over there! Oh, a cyclist mom! What a beautiful tree, it’s so green and big” And so it went for about 10 or 15 minutes, until I saw a man that was sitting on the next seat, he was wearing dark glasses and tears went down all across his face, so I just asked my mother(and I was very loud) if something was wrong with this man and he suddenly smiled and told us that he lost his eyesight about 20 years ago, but that day he felt like he was could see the world around him because of me.

Years passed and when I turned 12 I’ve got point and shoot film camera produced by Kodak as my birthday gift from my uncle, I didn’t know a thing about the technique and I didn’t care at all, to be honest. I was running around with this camera all day long(or as long as another roll of film lasted, as film was very expensive for us at that time) taking pictures not only with the camera but with my heart and soul.

Sometimes I look at these pictures and think that for almost 18 years my photography skills are dwindling, as those pictures are a mess of course from a technical point of view, but they have something that I would like to be present at my current pictures. Unfortunately that camera ran for about 2 years and then it just passed away one day.

So I just lived the life of the very ordinary guy – I went to school and then after graduation I passed the exams to Saint Petersburg State University and left my homeland, just to be back after getting my university diploma.

After a year I found myself in IT Consultancy company, everything seemed to be going pretty good with the career, but I felt that something was wrong in the situation.

I felt restless and after a while I decided that I need a hobby, so I decided to buy a digital SLR camera(I thought it was cool, as some of my friends in university had those), it was late 2007. I liked the results I was getting, before I ran across one of Lee Frost’s books and tried to shoot in manual mode(as a newbie everything I used to shoot, I shot in auto of course).

Results were simply stunning. I couldn’t believe my eyes, as they were so bad, as one can imagine and may be even worse…

As I’m very stubborn I decided to try harder and so I did for about 6 months, which I spent struggling with the shooting technique, but in May 2008 I went on a trip that changed my entire life. It was a trip to Aksu Dzhabagly Nature Reserve – I count it at least as the most picturesque place in Southern Kazakhstan. During the trip I finally stopped paying so much attention to technique and concentrated on other things(like composition, color harmonies, etc.). Of course all I got from that trip were several gigabytes of lost opportunities, as I can describe them now, but it was like a starting point for me and after that trip I couldn’t even imagine my life without photography.[/learn_more]

My recent success at Sony World Photography Awards, where I have won the Low Light Nomination, inspired me to create this website, where I will showcase finest of my works.

Thank you for your interest and stay tuned!

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