As I have mentioned in the previous post here is side-by-side comparison of two version of my Starry Tree picture:

  • “Old one” – the one that was exhibited as a part of Sony World Photography Awards show


  • “New one” – the one that I have posted in my previous post.

We’ll start by comparing the details looking at both with extreme magnification – even if you print both with the long side of 1,5 metres you will not see these issues so pronounced, but as I am a perfectionist, I have no other option, but to look at the images through the magnifying glass 🙂

Disclaimer: magnification rates are different for each of the 3 pairs of cropped images

1. Center area with the mountains, lake and skies:

“Old one”:_DSC4291_DxO crop1

As you can see there is too much grain in this crop, basically you cannot see anything besides the grain

“New one”_DSC4291_DxOnew crop1

This one is much clearer, but seems much softer, though this is not true. Judging by this crop – “New one” is a clear winner.

2. Left part with mountains, dark ground, lake and skies

“Old one”:_DSC4291_DxO crop3

Same problems are present in this fragment as in the previous fragment of an old version

“New one”:

_DSC4291_DxOnew crop3

Once again, I like this one better, though the border of the dark ground is a bit soft and blurry to my taste

3. Left bottom fragment with grass and a lake

“Old one”

_DSC4291_DxO crop2

Compared to previous fragments of the old version this looks much better – this is simply due to the different magnification ratio. As far as I remember this is how the print during the exhibition looked like(it was about 1 m in length), when looking at it from a very close distance.

“New one”_DSC4291_DxOnew crop2

For the third time I like the “New one”! 3-0

Let’s have a look at what else has changed:

“Old one”_DSC4291_DxO

“New one”_DSC4291_DxOnew

From my point of view  “New one” has much more depth to it and the Milky Way is drawing much more attention, while “Old one” looks more like cartoon rather than real landscape.

Some additional information about the pictures:

“Old one” was processed consequently in DXO Optics Pro 8 and Capture One 7, you can download trial version of both converters from their websites.

“New one” is a compilation of “Old one” with the same RAW file processed with DXO Optics Pro 9. I have played with both files in Photoshop to have the same colors and luminance levels as in “Old one”, but with much less noise. In my opinion DXO Optics Pro is the best converter to kill the noise and preserve the details in a photo. Just for your information I have used ISO 3200 in this shot and from my perspective the result is wonderful. I am really amazed how the technology developed since I have taken up photography.

What do you think?

p.s. Prints of the new version are available through the links given in the previous post. I have added MoArt link for Chinese customers as the work has gone through the review and is ready to be pruchased

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